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July 8, 2020

Director of Development

"Customer / Buyer "I have attended auctions for over 25 years as both a buyer and a seller and Mike Maske is at the top of my list as a professional auctioneer. Mike is a man of high integrity and runs a honest and quality auction service. As a seller, I have been always very satisfied, knowing that Mike is working hard to get the most dollars for my items. Mike is very knowledgeable from farm equipment to antiques and collectables and uses his knowledge to sell for his customers. As a buyer I have always been impressed on how Mike runs very efficient auctions, selling more items per hour than most other auctioneer. This is good for both the buyer and the seller. I would high recommend using Mike Maske for your next Farm, Household or Esate sale.""
July 8, 2020

Hood Brothers

"Hood Brothers Retirement farm machinery sale was in December 2019. Mike was very efficient in getting everything. Due to the excellent advertising, the sale was well attended and we had a lot of online bidding with some buyers out of state. Mike is very friendly and helpful. We highly recommend using him at your sale, you will be very pleased with his service."
June 19, 2020

"Mike Maske is a very honest and forthright businessman. There was a shipping error that he personally fixed for me. He runs a great company. I highly recommend him for honesty and integrity."
May 21, 2020


"Review Honest people here for sure. Mike Maske personally stepped in and addressed an issue where a rebate check went missing. he stepped up, fixed the problem, even wrote me a personal apology note. Honest and forthright for sure. Thanks Mike."
March 2, 2020

Farm wife

"Having a farm retirement sale is a once in a lifetime experience that one never forgets. Placing our trust in Mike Maske for our sale was the best decision we made through the entire process. Mike led us through our experience from the beginning to the end with great ideas, organization, encouragement and support. There are so many things to consider when having a sale and Mike was always willing to listen but he always let us make the final decision. I liked that! I don’t remember one thing that I would have changed in our sale and that is all due to Mike. He was always on top of everything making suggestions on how to get things done but he was never pushy. Mike was a complete stranger when we began the process but at the end of 5 months Mike was someone who I am proud to call a friend. "