Auction Services in Illinois

Whether you’re handling the estate of a relative or you’re cashing out on a collection you’ve spent years building, auction is the idea way to turn your assets into cash. Mike Maske Auction Service is here to assist you in setting up an auction and getting your items ready for bidders. We provide clients with a full scope of auction services in Illinois and have the experience to work within the parameters of your lot.

Our primary services include a wide range of auctioning capabilities as they apply to the following items:

  • Real estate:
    We deal extensively with real estate auctions regarding lots of all sizes. As the only full-time auction service in Illinois, we’re also licensed for real estate transactions, making us your all-in-one source for real estate auctions.
  • Estates:
    Handling the estate of a loved one is never easy. We help you get all of the auction items in order so you can have a single event that encompasses the majority of an estate’s liquidation.
  • Farm Equipment:
    A staggering amount of farm equipment is purchased through auction, as opposed to new. We’ll help you list your equipment properly for auction, to ensure you’re fielding bids that meet or exceed your expectations.

In addition to real estate, estates and farm equipment, we also have experience and expertise when it comes to auctioning a wide range of additional items, including:

  • Collectibles:
    Collectibles always fare well at auction and auctions are the best way to appeal to similar collectors. Let us take your rare collection to auction so it can fetch a price that’s worth its value.
  • Antiques:
    Antique items are frequently the focus of auctions because they attract serious bidders. If you have quality antiques you’re looking to unload, let us help you find a group of potential buyers who will appreciate them.
  • General items:
    We have a depth of experience in handling mixed lots when it comes to auction. Regardless of how many items you’re selling or what the nature of the lots may be, we’ll prep them for auction and help see them into the hands of a bidder.
  • Land:
    Undeveloped land auctions are another of our specialties. We have experience in working with single tracts or divided parcels, ensuring buyers and sellers walk away from an auction with peace of mind about how it’s handled.

For more information about our experience or the many auction services in Illinois we offer, please contact us today by calling 217-519-3959.